Discover the Essence of a Trial Separation

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New sets of emotions and sentiments are brought forward when major changes takes place in anyone's life. For instance finishing your school career, the world becomes your oyster, you will conquer it and you will bend it to your will.

So when you tie the knot you anticipate getting your first house, raising of your children and forming part of the local community. But you never in your wildest dreams would have thought that you would be experiencing a trial separation in your life.

A marriage is salvageable when both partners in the relationship agree on a trial separation. At least there is some hope to repair the damaged relationship and to take stock of what went wrong. Now the question is "can we repair our relationship by giving each other breathing space", this is a common response between couples.

A separation is also a indication that a divorce is not considered as a finality and by considering a separation it shows that the couple still love each other. All couples make mistakes in their relationships and the time away from each other can give you time to think things through and get your thoughts, emotions and feelings in order.

A trial separation is truly a time to consider your inner thoughts and feelings so that you both can consider the relationship problems and come up with solutions to those problems.

A lot of people consider a trial separation as just another step to the end of the road, divorce. Once you agree on a separation you are just showing the world that you agree that your relationship has failed but that you are in denial, not ready to accept the inevitable.

Some also say that by going the trial separation road you are just softening the costly blow of and ugly divorce.

Some couples may even use the trial separation as a way to avoid a divorce altogether as they can not come to terms with the financial issues related to a divorce.

Lawyer fees, asset sharing or selling of these assets could set both parties back in terms of having to restart their lives from scratch. Trying to prolong the separation indefinitely could also scar children as they will not come to terms with the disruption in their lives.

If it has become clear that you both are not interested or able to save your marriage then it is a forgone conclusion that a divorce is the only way out. Divorce is like death, final and an ultimate closure.

With children involved; the children will always feel that they are kept in the dark when the parents are in a trial separation, they may have feelings such as "why don't they just get back together so that we can become a happy family again".

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Trial separation is certainly not an easy decision to make or to be taking lightly. Only time will tell if your choice was correct or not.

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Discover the Essence of a Trial Separation

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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