How Long Should You Date Again After Separation?

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People who have just ended their marriage are often attacked by some emotions such as relief, fear, loneliness, jealousy, and stress as well. Marital separation has some similarities with perpetual limbo. Read on this article to learn about the way to realize that you are ready to start dating during seperation.


The Ambiguity of Marital Separation

Marital separation is an odd state of limbo that exists somewhere between being together and being divorced. In a way, it is the best of both worlds, but also the worst of both worlds. Separation was designed to allow married couples to have the time to work out their problems together in hopes of a possible reconciliation.

While separated, the couple is still bound legally - and yet in many ways they have all of the freedoms of single people. People in separation can legally do and act as they please, as if they are actually single (with some limitations).


Where Do We Go From Here?

Given that separation is an inherent state of limbo, eventually things will need to go one way or the other. At some point, the couple will need to decide whether they will be getting a divorce or staying together permanently.


At the back of their minds, both husband and wife are asking themselves, "Where do we go from here?"


How Soon Should You Date After Separation? 3 Ways to Know You're Ready

Here are 3 ways to know that you are ready to date after marital separation:


1. You realize it is just a matter of time until you separate for good or get divorced: If in the back of your mind, you feel strongly that it is just a matter of time before you get a divorce, that means that you have basically severed your romantic connection to the person. In other words: you know in your heart that you will be getting a divorce sooner or later.


2. You are certain that things are completely over between you: If you believe that, either on your part or on your spouse's part, there is no chance of recovering your romantic feelings for each other, this is a strong sign that you may be ready to start dating again. There comes a point when the two of you will need to face facts and realize you will not ever be getting back together (if that is indeed how you really feel).


3. You and your spouse have agreed to start dating: A final step before you start dating is to make sure that you and your spouse have officially agreed to go this route. Obviously, you would want to avoid a situation whereby one of you had resumed dating while the other one thought that the two of you were not supposed to be dating. Keeping open lines of communication will help avoid any potential misunderstandings.


Follow these 3 tips for knowing when you are ready to start dating after a separation.


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How Long Should You Date Again After Separation?

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This article was published on 2010/08/10
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