Marital Separation - Can a Marital Separation Really Help Me Save My Marriage?

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If you're seriously considering a marital separation and you want to know if it will work and save your marriage, then without a doubt the answer is "Yes!"

However, understand this, for a marital separation to work you have to be clear on what you're doing, why you're doing it and your spouse has to be equally as clear.

A separation is often used by a couple when they find themselves unable to live happily together, but at least one of them does not want the marriage to end.  So they will seek a period of reflection or a "cooling off period!" during which they try and work out and mend the problems in the marriage.

Now, during this period apart, you and your spouse need to agree some ground rules.

Rules to Consider During a Marital Separation

1)  Both you and your spouse need to have clear ideas about what you want from the separation.  If you both want different things from the separation, then you both need to know that.

2)  Agree on how long you both feel the separation should last.  You don't want an open ended separation that could find you both separated and drifting nowhere for months or longer.

3)  Make arrangements for the two of you to seek out expert help to mend your marriage.  You will need constructive and proven help to put your problems first into perspective and then to mend them.

4)  It's probably a really good idea to agree that neither of you will date anyone else!  

I mean if you want to save your marriage, then it's ideal to concentrate on that and that alone and not muddy the waters further by introducing a third person into that mix.

5)  It is also a good idea, especially if you have children together, to agree on how much contact you will both have and also what kind of contact: face to face, on the phone or through someone else.  

The point is if you don't want your spouse turning up a couple of times a week to see the kids in your home, then you need to say that.  If you only want to see your spouse when you're working on your marriage, then that needs to be said also.

6)  Work out the often difficult financial arrangements and who will pay what!  You need to make sure that the separation won't be ruined because you were expecting your spouse to continue paying what they used to pay for when you were living under one roof.  So make sure you get all this ironed out together BEFORE you separate.

So, marital separation with guidelines is clearly a great way to save your marriage, however make sure you're both clear about what you're doing and why you're doing it.

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Marital Separation - Can a Marital Separation Really Help Me Save My Marriage?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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