Separation Getting Back Together - Can Separation Save a Marriage Or is it the Beginning of the End?

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Separation Getting Back Together

Divorce is at an all time high as the entire concept of marriage seems to continually come under fire. With so many divorces comes so many reasons and statistics as to the cause of the break ups and the data starts becoming very large, varied and daunting. In all this confusion however we can also see some interesting trends in terms of marriage and separation including the question 'Can separation save a marriage?'

While separation is the first step to a full divorce it has been found that a great many separations do not end in a divorce but do end with the couple getting back together. So while divorce is still high statistically separation does not immediately mean the end of a marriage.

This change in behavior from impending divorce to a reinvigoration of a marriage is a dramatic turn around that can be attributed to this time apart which can allow enough space and time for a couple to resolve the issues that brought them to the brink.

Couples who separate tend to find that without constant conflict and bickering the lack of proximity to their spouse and the increased time to think and solve problems means that resolutions to marital problems that often get stalled by egos, fear and stubbornness can flourish as long as at least one partner is willing to start trying. If the urge to be right and not back down still remains then it has been seen that the separation will usually continue to a divorce in the end. Separation Getting Back Together

The cautionary part of this tail is that some separations lead to infidelity and wild behaviors as one or both parties use the separation as an excuse to live a single life or to take revenge on their partners. These marriages may be doomed from the start if one member is willing to take these actions however and may provide all the fuel needed to get a divorce once and for all (and maybe for the better).

The good news is that those who actively try to save their marriage stand more of a chance than those who sit back and just hope it will right itself and those with the most success have shown to put their egos aside and be willing to be wrong. This behavior disarms the other partner from their own ego and need to be right. A wife of husband will be very reluctant to metaphorically shoot down an unarmed opponent if they still love each other.

So can separation save a marriage? Some people resist separation strenuously adding more stress onto an already tense marriage but perhaps separation may be the best option for some marriages despite the looming shadow of divorce as living together obviously is not working, can you make it work from a distance though? Separation Getting Back Together

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Separation Getting Back Together - Can Separation Save a Marriage Or is it the Beginning of the End?

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This article was published on 2010/09/20
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